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Signed First Editions Club

Be one of the first signed up for Signed Firsts from Interabang!

The interabang symbol combines a question mark (an interrogative) and an exclamation point (a bang, in typesetting lingo). It suggests the search for knowledge and the excitement of discovery – the sort of experience we want readers to have with their selections from Interabang Books.

Our Signed First Editions Club brings this experience to readers in an innovative way. Each month, we choose an appealing new hardcover, have the author sign the books for us, then mail a copy to each member. Expect a fascinating mix of novels and nonfiction, from established, prize-winning authors as well as buzzed-about writers making their debuts.

Everything about the process is exciting and special: unwrapping your signed first edition, discovering each month’s selection, and adding to your shelves a keepsake hardcover chosen by Interabang for readers in the club.

Interabang’s Signed First Editions Club operates on a subscription basis.  

  • You sign up for yourself or for another.
  • We mail your Signed First once per month. The week of shipment will vary based on the book’s publication date.
  • We charge your credit card as we mail each month’s book. The cost is that book’s list price plus postage. The author’s signature is a bonus, at no extra charge.
  • We keep your Signed Firsts coming automatically, but you may cancel at any time if you decide the program no longer suits you. Our contact information is below.

To enroll, fill out this form. Questions? Call 214-484-4289 or email signedfirst@interabangbooks.com