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Far beyond mere lasers, lightsabers and lightspeed, science fiction novels explore new worlds to show us more about ourselves. Likewise, fantasy is more than merely an escapist dream, but it can also reveal truths that we believed were only visible to us. Heroines and heroes touched by the supernatural or granted unbelievable powers by technology help us discover far more than we think.

I read to enjoy, learn and grow, but the later two come largely from the first. My favorite protagonists are flawed but struggling to build a better world. Antiheroes are fun, if done right. Life or death struggles are good, but a simple truth, cleverly delivered, stands out in my mind as a greater success than defeating any dark lord or robot apocalypse. In addition to my science fiction/fantasy, I relish a good war novel and devour history books, preferably military history. I like writing that makes me feel or that brings me out of myself. Bildungsromans hold a special place in my heart.

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