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Meet Sarah

Ever since I was little, I have jumped at any chance to become lost in a world that is not my own. I continually find ways to do so in movies or musicals, but my favorite method will always be reading. I believe books have the incredible capability to allow us to travel to unknown places and get inside the heads of those we may have nothing (or everything) in common with. They introduce us to great questions and new ways to look at our own world and the humans in it. Whether this is accomplished by looking through the eyes of a beaten-down, average-Joe or by taking you to a fantastical new realm, a book will teach you something every time if you let it. My favorite books are those that show us how to develop compassion and empathy for people through interesting characters and their interactions. That being said, I would say I definitely have a soft spot for books with characters that are quirky or misunderstood. What can I say, I like an underdog...

I think that I still approach reading (and perhaps life) with the curiosity and open-mindedness of a child, and I honestly hope I never lose that. This makes me a passionate advocate for getting more children’s books in the hands of adults. Children’s authors seem to have a talent for including a truth about humanity or friendship or good vs. evil in the most simple but entertaining way. We all could use a reminder of those truths from time to time.