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Stewart Cohen

More than 300 photo sessions were held on two continents to create the series of portraits by Stewart Cohen collected in SEEING RED, a stunning and arresting volume of photography. 

Each portrait has been styled in a way that shows how an extinct species might be displayed for posterity. Cohen describes his concept: "I began thinking about how fascinating it would be to memorialize as many redheads as possible. I photographed each subject in an elegant, tufted shadow box - a visual allegory for redheads facing extinction. Once the word spread that I was shooting redheads, I had an overwhelming response from gingers around the world - each wanting to be immortalized as a part of the project. Three hundred portraits later, I've developed a real affinity for them."

Award-winning commercial director/photographer Stewart Cohen is the principal of SCPictures, a full-service production company in Dallas that creates end-to-end live-action and still photography content.

Saturday, June 15th, 6:00PM
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10720 Preston Road
Ste 1009B
Dallas, TX 75230