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RARE BREED: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different

Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger


What if you could take the parts of you other people criticize and turn them into your selling points? How far could you go if you could tap into the full spectrum of who you are? The key to that lock is in the brazen new book RARE BREED: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different.

Leadership and creative branding experts Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger reveal how to turn seven vices that society sees as dangerous—into virtues and assets for achieving success on your own terms. By unlocking 7 traits that friends, mentors, and teachers teach us to suppress, Sunny and Ashleigh discovered those same vices are also the driving factors to standout success.

Rebellious. Audacious. Obsessed. Hot-Blooded. Weird. Hypnotic. Emotional.

These are not vices! They are 7 virtues that can be harnessed into a unique magic, priming you to live and lead in ways you never thought possible. Scores of Rare Breeds were initially told they were “too much” of one of the 7 virtues to achieve anything in the real world. From Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Tim Burton to Lady Gaga, refrains of “Keep your head down. Stop being so weird. Stay in your lane. Forget that crazy dream” reverberated. But they didn’t listen.

Neither did Bonnell and Hansberger. After dropping out of college in their early twenties—just shy of degrees with zero experience and only $250 to launch their company—they quickly got used to being told they were too rebellious, too weird, and too audacious to achieve success as women in the business world. 

Fifteen years later, they’re thriving at the helm of their much buzzed about agency Motto, guiding both challenger brands  and iconic giants like NCM (America’s Movie Network), 20th Century Fox, USA Today, and The Hershey Company to overcome conformity and tap into what makes them outrageously different. 

In RARE BREED, readers will learn how to punch societal codes in the nose and discover how to turn their so-called “vices” into their virtues. They’ll learn how to stand up to the doubters, resist constant pressure to conform, quiet inner demons, and figure out how to own all of who they are, not just the pretty parts. 

Through inspiring and not run-of-the-mill stories of enviable oddballs and provocateurs, witty mantras, and stories of the authors themselves, Bonnell and Hansberger illustrate life, business, and leadership lessons through the power (and cautions) of the virtues: 

• How being rebellious has the power to move mountains—but only if you know what you’re rebelling against. 
• How being audacious makes you a prophetic visionary—unless it spirals into reckless hubris. 
• How being obsessed creates detailed masterpieces—or dooms you to failure by impossible ideals of perfection and inflexibility. 
• How being hot-blooded brings fiery ideas to the table—but can also lead to burnout and destructive tendencies.
• Plus, insights on how to be weird, hypnotic, and emotional for a purpose and maximum impact…and so much more.  

Bonnell and Hansberger challenge readers to consider in their opening pages: “What if you could change your future not by becoming someone else, but by going all-in on who you are?” 

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ISBN: 9780062856937
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Published: HarperOne - September 3rd, 2019