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Kimberly Pucci

This magnificent and true tale of a British child prodigy follows Reggie Denny's adventures from homelessness to prosperity as, along the way, he becomes a heavyweight boxing champion, aviation war hero, Broadway stage star, Hollywood idol, and inventor of the drone! The story of legendary film star and unmanned aviation pioneer Reginald Denny is told for the first time in a compelling biography by his granddaughter, who takes us on an emotional voyage to the past with Reggie’s inventive flight into the future. 

Reggie’s continual struggles and successes during the evolution of cinema, aviation, and robotics bring the movie star’s legacy to life in a colorful portrayal of a rebellious dreamer who fought for his existence on screen while he proved his Radioplane of “inestimable value.” 

The granddaughter of actor and aviation pioneer Reginald Denny, Kim Pucci was a natural in the world of Hollywood from the start. Kim’s life and professional career went on to include exciting passages surrounded by colorful icons in the worlds of aviation, film, music, and television. During her career in the entertainment industry, she was Senior Executive Assistant to high-profile chairmen of Hollywood’s leading studios while at Columbia/Tri-Star, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and eventually became Executive Vice President of Peters Entertainment at Warner Bros. Now semi-retired as a world traveler, Kim has finally come out with her latent role of writer and brings several projects to life including PRINCE OF DRONES: The Reginald Denny Story, the psychological thriller INTERCEPTION, and the sci-fi apocalyptical thriller I-Cetacea. 

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ISBN: 9781629334899
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Published: BearManor Media - October 1st, 2019