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David Ignatius

Join David Ignatius, Washington Post columnist and spy novelist, as he discusses fact, fiction and his new book. You'll get a signed copy!

David Ignatius and David Sanger are a powerhouse pair from the nation’s two newspapers of record. Ignatius, a Washington Post foreign affairs columnist and Sanger, national security correspondent for The New York Times, represent a wealth of expertise in foreign and current affairs and insights on breaking news and hotspots across the globe.

In a webinar jointly presented by the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth and Interabang Books, David Ignatius and David Sanger will join us to answer your questions and talk about fact and fiction as Ignatius’ spy novel THE PALADIN debuts this month. Purchase a ticket for our Zoom webinar here for a link to access the exclusive online event on Wednesday, May 27, at 4:00, and a copy of THE PALADIN with a bookplate signed by David Ignatius. Your event link will be emailed within 24 hours of the event to the address used for the Eventbrite purchase. We will also ask, by email, for the address to which your copy of THE PALADIN should be mailed if you do not wish to pick it up at Interabang Books in Dallas.

Since 1987, Ignatius has published ten bestselling spy novels. In his eleventh, THE PALADIN, a disavowed CIA disinformation and cyber fake expert seeks revenge on those who forced him to take the fall for an illegal operation.

Bestselling author Lee Child (of Jack Reacher fame), calls THE PALADIN “a delicious layer cake of a book—tension, suspense, betrayal, and revenge, all floating on a bedrock of total authenticity…David Ignatius is the best in the world at this stuff.”

David Ignatius began writing fiction after he narrowly missed—by 30 minutes—the 1983 bombing of the American Embassy in Beirut. He says, "That's when I became a novelist. It was obvious the only way I could share this world of fact was through fiction. Otherwise, the story was impossible to write: it was too raw, and at that time genuinely dangerous."

In his 36-year reporting career for The New York Times, national security correspondent David Sanger has been part of three teams that have won Pulitzer Prizes. His 2018 book, THE PERFECT WEAPON: War, Sabotage and Fear in the Cyber Age, examined how large and small states are using cyberconflict to change the nature of global power.

Wednesday, May 27th, 4:00PM
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