Wesley Prep, Bonton Farms, and Cafe Momentum

OUR COMMON TABLE is a cookbook created by Wesley Prep, Cafe Momentum, and Bonton Farms. The cookbook is the product of moments shared around many tables. Each recipe was prepared and tested by a group consisting of Cafe Momentum Interns, Bonton Market staff members and Wesley Prep 4th graders. They were prepared and taste-tested in 5 different homes during tryouts full of fun and fellowship.

For those who seek to create common ground, there is no better place to do so than gathered around a table. Barriers fall as we broke bread together, and so it was with the collaborators of OUR COMMON TABLE. As they worked alongside each other, their stories combined, much like the ingredients in a delicious recipe found in their cookbook.

About the OUR COMMON TABLE collaborators:

Bonton Farms: An agricultural intervention to restore lives, create jobs and ignite hope in the most forgotten and neglected neighborhoods for the most marginalized and vulnerable people. https://bontonfarms.org

Wesley Prep: An educational environment in which the Christian Faith is reflected; intellectual growth of students is nurtured in order for them to reach their academic potential; creative processes are developed and good character and citizenship are taught. https://wesleyprep.org

Cafe Momentum: A Dallas-based restaurant and culinary training facility, transforms young lives by equipping our community’s most at-risk youth with life skills, education and employment opportunities to help them achieve their full potential. https://cafemomentum.org

Tuesday, April 2nd, 7:00PM
Event address: 
10720 Preston Road
Ste 1009B
Dallas, TX 75230