M.G. Velasco

“An epic quest full of action and mystery. A big adventure with a big heart, Cardslinger is aces ” -- Michael Northrop, New York Times bestselling author of the Tombquest series

It’s 1881, and a newfangled card game called Mythic is sweeping the nation. Twelve-year-old Jason “Shuffle” Jones doesn’t like it. He and his father created the game for themselves, before his father went missing. Mythic should have disappeared with him. But when Shuffle discovers a clue in a pack of Mythic cards, he sets out on a quest to find his dad.

Along the way he clashes with a devious card swindler, an epic twister, and the bounty hunter Six-Plum Skylla and her gang. As Jason “Shuffle” Jones gets closer to the truth, will he turn tail or push all-in to become a real hero?

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By M. G. Velasco

ISBN: 9781541554641
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ISBN: 9781541554641
Published: Carolrhoda Books (R) - August 6th, 2019