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Kids Article

Books You Can Chew On

The first book you met was probably a board book. It may have been GOODNIGHT MOON or PAT THE BUNNY. We love these books for their childhood nostalgia. That nostalgia often leads us to buy these classics whenever we have another baby shower to attend. Buying classics is great, but there are so many overlooked and new great board books. Our introduction to reading is a vibrant, fun, and filled with firsts, don’t miss out by sticking to the known. Here are a few of my current favorites:

Russia for Kids

With all the focus on Russia in the store lately, I couldn’t help but recall some of my favorite children’s books that take place in Russia. Reading about other countries and cultures is always a fun and easy way to expand a child’s mind. From folktales to biographies, I’ve compiled a short list of some great reads for any age.

Can You Win the Record?

We all have great memories of pouring over Guinness World Records books, but this year we all get a chance to join in the record breaking fun. In celebration of Guinness World Records Day on November 9th, 2017, Guinness World Records is inviting its readers to become the “Best in Store” during the Guinness World Records Day Bookstore Challenge. Now in its 13th year, Guinness World Records Day is a global celebration of record-breaking that sees thousands of people around the world attempt to secure their place in the history books.

Everything You Need to Know about Interabang’s YA Book Club

Interabang’s YA Book Club is an event where pre-teens, teens and adults who love teen books can discuss some of the newest, hottest page turners in the genre. We focus on books that the group has an interest in reading which are also critically interesting and ripe for discussion. An Interabang moderator (usually me, Melanie!) will be present to make sure discussion stays on topic and everyone has a voice. Parents are welcome to browse the store during the roughly hour long discussion or leave and return at the end. We provide snacks and drinks for those of you who are thirsty, and . . .

After Years Out of Print, THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS Return!

In elementary school, I was crazy about THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS mystery adventures, but there was a problem: the series, published between 1953 and 1969, was out of print. Because the books couldn’t be found in stores, I had to be patient, collecting second-hand copies found through friends and book fairs. Fortunately, an incredible 11 million HAPPY HOLLISTER books had been sold in the ‘50s and ‘60s. With that many out there, I eventually completed the set, all 33 volumes.

5 Lesser Known Children’s Classics You Should Read

If you’re like me, you probably have quite a few treasured memories of reading classic children’s books as a kid. In the last few months, I’ve revisited some of these favorites and found them just as powerful, imaginative, and nourishing as ever. Some of these classics we all know -- ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, PETER PAN AND WENDY, CHARLOTTE’S WEB, to name a few. Here are several other children’s classics that are lesser known but just as remarkable.

Heroes and Heroines in Children’s Literature

Heros and heroines are important figures in all our lives, and especially so in the lives of young people. Children’s and young adult fictional literature throughout history is filled with heroic people and animals who have inspired us in our lives in ways great and small. Heroic characters may wear a cape and have superpowers, some may save a life, a city, or even an entire civilization, but more often they are ordinary people who do extraordinary acts of goodness.

7 Books for the Kid Who Loves Mythology

I know a lot of you have kids out there that have devoured PERCY JACKSON and other great books about mythology. You may be wondering, is there anything else similar I can give them? The answer is, yes! The list below includes some of my favorite picks, some old, some new. Whether they’re explicitly continuing on with Greek mythology or branching out into other great mythologies, such as Irish or Norse, there’s a book here for everyone.

Pre-order signed copies of John Green's new novel

The wait is nearly over…

John Green’s newest novel will be released this autumn! Here are a few things you need to know about it provided by the publisher:

The Lessons of our Childhood Bears

There is no more iconic child’s first toy than a teddy bear, nor first story that does not have a bear in it. The rich history of bears in children’s literature include Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, Baloo, Corduroy, Little Bear, Goldilocks friends - Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear and countless others. These cuddly and sometimes fearsome creatures have brought comfort and love, excitement and thrills and even more - lessons for life to children of all ages. Here are some of my favorites that have stood the test of time...


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