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Kids Article

T-50 Years of Apollo 11

A year-long celebration has begun marking the approach of the 50 year anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon, and the famous words that Neil Armstrong uttered, “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.” As the entire country sat riveted to their televisions, watching the grainy footage from the surface of the moon, America seemed invincible. A plaque was planted on the lunar surface that reads, “Here Men From Planet Earth First Set Foot Upon The Moon July 1969, A.D. We Came in Peace For All Mankind.”

Book Series to Start This Summer

School is out, the weather is hot, and Interabang Books is beckoning. What better time than summer to immerse yourself in reading a good series? The lazy, hazy days of summer allow the time and lack of distraction to get to know the places, characters and continuing sagas of a great children’s series. The feeling of disappointment in finishing a good book vanishes when one knows that another volume awaits, with the familiar characters ready to transport you along on another adventure.

Summer Camp Reads

Whatever you bring to summer camp, it’s important to have fun and share – read aloud to your friends, plan to bring the same book as a best friend, or plan to trade books while you’re at camp! Happy reading and happy camping, kids.

Three YA Books to Read on a Plane

Author Spotlight: Adam Gidwitz

Adam Gidwitz has written numerous stand-out middle grade fiction titles. His recent stand alone, THE INQUISITOR’S TALE, won the Newbery Honor. While this title reflects the influence of his wife’s medieval studies (that means the history is well researched!), his first series, THE GRIMM BOOKS, delves into the darker and fantastical side of Grimm’s Fairytales.

Small Press Spotlight: Enchanted Lion Books

It could easily be said that there has been no more exciting time for children’s books than now. The world has embraced the importance of books in a child’s life, and as a result, there is a treasure trove of delightful, enlightening and imaginative books available today. There are a multitude of publishers of wonderful children’s books, but I would like to highlight a very special family owned small press that publishes the most delightful books that I absolutely adore.


On May 1st, the third installment of THE TRIALS OF APOLLO publishes. THE TRIALS OF APOLLO: THE BURNING MAZE is the next step in the god-turned-mortal Apollo's - now known as Lester Papadopoulos - journey to restore the five Oracles and redeem his slight against the god Zeus.

Buzzworthy Books About Bees

Bees are the most easily spotted pollinators on the planet. With their bright yellow and black stripes, you can find bees in fields and flower beds across the country. They pollinate our crops, our flowers, and bring much more to the ecosystem than just their (delicious) honey. Beekeeping is cheaper and easier than many people realize, but even the non-apiary enthusiast can appreciate the magic of nature’s fuzzy flyers that make honey in their mysterious hives.

Author Spotlight: Mac Barnett

New York Times Bestseller Mac Barnett has been responsible for some of the most innovative, memorable, and beloved children’s books in recent release. His picture books have won Caldecott Awards, E.B. White Awards, the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, and been ranked in the Top Ten Best Illustrated Books of 2015 by the New York Times.

Author Spotlight on Poet Joyce Sidman

April brings not only spring showers, but the arrival of National Poetry Month. In hopes that everyone will pause to smell the flowers and to indulge in some poetry and prose, we have put together a wonderful collection of poetry for children at Interabang Books. Highlighted here today is one of our favorites author and poets, Joyce Sidman.


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