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Interabang Author Chats: Alexander Wolff

Lori sat down with author Alexander Wolff to chat about his new memoir ENDPAPERS, a sweeping portrait of the turmoil of the twentieth century and the legacy of immigration, as seen through the German-American family of the celebrated book publisher Kurt Wolff. This was our Signed First Edition pick for March, and was so well regarded that Lori had to discuss it with him! Enjoy the conversation.

Buy ENDPAPERS below!

Across The Pond - Episode 5

Publishers under fire, free speech, and Britain's House of Lords, plus a not-to-be-missed conversation with Open Water author Caleb Azumah Nelson.

Listen here!

Interabang Author Chats: Tashie Bhuiyan

Join debut author Tashie Bhuiyan with marketing coordinator Ishita Kent as they have an e̶x̶t̶r̶e̶m̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶o̶t̶i̶c̶  very dignified discussion on her new contemporary young adult book COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU. Along the way, they touch on the importance of character development, bad boys with hearts of gold, and brown girl representation within novels. Also - lots of love for independent bookstores and why they are so important! Make sure to watch.


Across The Pond - Episode 4

The abduction of an enormous rabbit, scammers take book prize money, Rachel Kushner's husband gets a nice birthday gift, people lose their minds over Hemingway, and author Fiona Mozley joins the podcast to talk about her new novel, Hot Stew.

Listen here.

Across The Pond - Episode 3

Lori and Sam chat about legendary Texas writer Larry McMurtry, get geeky on BookTok and NFTs, and swap thoughts on Marian Engel's controversial novel Bear, finally available in the UK decades following its North American release.

Listen here.

Across The Pond - Episode 2

In episode #2 of Across the Pond, Lori and Sam chat about the Women's Prize for Ficiton, The Phantom Tollboth, and Dr. Seuss, and they dig into why Kazuo Ishiguro's latest, Klara and the Sun, is a good novel but not his best.

Listen here

Across The Pond - Episode 1

In this inaugural episode, Lori and Sam discuss how the idea for "Across the Pond" came about, what listeners can expect, and they take a deep dive into Martin Amis' latest, much discussed novel, "Inside Story." 

Listen to the episode here!

Interabang Author Chats: Elizabeth Miki Brina

Marketing coordinator Ishita sat down with Elizabeth Miki Brina to discuss her debut, the powerfully moving memoir SPEAK, OKINAWA. They go through the trauma of being seen as 'other,' first-gen/second-gen problems, parental relationships, and the history of Okinawa and how that affected Elizabeth and her memoir.  It's a fascinating discussion, and we hope you enjoy it!

Purchase SPEAK OKINAWA below!

Interabang Author Chats: Lauren Oyler

Lori hosts Lauren Oyler, author of the novel FAKE ACCOUNTS, a fun and timely debut about a woman who peeps at her boyfriend’s phone and is shocked to discover that he is a social media conspiracy theorist. The book takes place in Brooklyn and Berlin, where Lauren lived for a time. Lori and Lauren discuss the current state of the novel, loneliness, authenticity, and of course, social media! 


Interabang Author Chat: Chelsea G. Summers

Lori sits down with debut novelist Chelsea G. Summers to discuss her provocative, psychological thriller, A CERTAIN HUNGER. They talk about growing up in the 1980s and how that experience is rendered through the voice of Dorothy Daniels, the novel’s smart and scandalous food critic narrator. Cooking, eating, and how to extract your murdered lover’s tongue are on the menu, not to mention evocative writing and the resiliency of female friendships! 



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