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Interabang Author Chats: Elizabeth Miki Brina

Marketing coordinator Ishita sat down with Elizabeth Miki Brina to discuss her debut, the powerfully moving memoir SPEAK, OKINAWA. They go through the trauma of being seen as 'other,' first-gen/second-gen problems, parental relationships, and the history of Okinawa and how that affected Elizabeth and her memoir.  It's a fascinating discussion, and we hope you enjoy it!

Purchase SPEAK OKINAWA below!

Interabang Author Chats: Lauren Oyler

Lori hosts Lauren Oyler, author of the novel FAKE ACCOUNTS, a fun and timely debut about a woman who peeps at her boyfriend’s phone and is shocked to discover that he is a social media conspiracy theorist. The book takes place in Brooklyn and Berlin, where Lauren lived for a time. Lori and Lauren discuss the current state of the novel, loneliness, authenticity, and of course, social media! 


Interabang Author Chat: Chelsea G. Summers

Lori sits down with debut novelist Chelsea G. Summers to discuss her provocative, psychological thriller, A CERTAIN HUNGER. They talk about growing up in the 1980s and how that experience is rendered through the voice of Dorothy Daniels, the novel’s smart and scandalous food critic narrator. Cooking, eating, and how to extract your murdered lover’s tongue are on the menu, not to mention evocative writing and the resiliency of female friendships! 


Interabang Publisher Chats: Tin House

Lori talks to Nanci McCloskey, Associate Publisher and Director of Marketing & Sales for Tin House, a small publisher based in Portland, Oregon. We get Nancy's views on Lori’s Tin House favorites, including Morgan Parker’s Magical Negro, Lara Vapnyar’s Divide Me By Zero, and the novels of Claire Fuller. Nanci and Lori crush on Tin House’s reissue of a blockbuster novel from South Africa, Agaat--a favorite of Toni Morrison’s. And Nanci shares Tin Houses’ amazing list of books that will arrive at Interabang throughout the first half of 2021. 

Interabang Author Chats: Bryan Washington

Lori chats with Houston author Bryan Washington about his debut novel, MEMORIAL. The two discuss food, Japan, and Houston as a melting pot of world cultures. The novel contains a big dose of humor as it explores the idea of discovering what makes us happy.  Fathers, selfies and cooking as a method of communicating, are included in the mix!

MEMORIAL is available for purchase below, along with his short story collection LOT.

Interabang Author Chats: Daniel Hornsby

Lori chats with writer Daniel Hornsby about his debut novel, VIA NEGATIVA, a road trip story about Father Dan, a retired priest seeking penance and the crippled coyote that he picks-up along the way. The two discuss Prince, pilgrimages, migraine headaches and unusual roadside attractions like the world’s largest ball of paint.


Interabang Author Chats: Maryse Mejier

Inventory Manager Tyler sat down for a different kind of one on one chat with author Maryse Mejier, focusing on Tyler's experience as a reader with her new novel THE SEVENTH MANSION. It's a vulnerable and candid interview that brings a new insight into her work. We hope you enjoy!

Buy THE SEVENTH MANSION through the link below

Interabang Author Chats: Micah Nemerever

Lori sits down with debut novelist Micah Nemerever to discuss THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS, his just-released psychological thriller. The two discuss obsessive love, Pittsburgh in the 1970s, philosophy, Fascism, and blindly following authority.  Influences such as butterflies, chess, and Dostoevksy’s Crime and Punishment, are part of the conversation. Also featured, how to achieve perfect pacing in a novel and what it’s like to promote your first book during Covid.

Buy the book below!

Interabang Author Chats: Shveta Thakrar

Marketing coordinator Ishita met up via Zoom with debut author and fellow Gujarati-Indian Shveta Thakrar to discuss her debut novel STAR DAUGHTER. Along the way they touched on colonialism, family ties, parental expectations, and the rich traditions of Indian arts. 

Buy STAR DAUGHTER through the link below!

Interabang Author Chats: Yaa Gyasi

Lori chats with award winning author Yaa Gyasi about her new novel, TRANSCENDENT KINGDOM, which explores a woman torn between looking to science or religion for answers to her brother’s death from drug addiction. The two talk about church life in Alabama, retaining Ghanian identity as a US immigrant, and what it’s like to publish a second novel after her much-acclaimed debut, HOMEGOING.  



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