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9 Great Books You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Sometimes book recommendations can sound like a broken record, touching on the same combination of popular new books and classic titles. There’s so much more worth reading! Here are nine fantastic reads that are open secrets here in the store.

9 Signed Copies You Should Have on Your Shelf

Signed copies seem to glow on a bookshelf. They're an intimate connection with great authors, and that’s why we can’t help but to show them off to our friends and family. Here are nine signed copies we have in the store that anyone would be overjoyed to receive this holiday season.

8 Books about Thankfulness

We love books that change how we relate to our everyday lives. Maybe the best of these books give us an added appreciation and joy for the small things. Here are eight books of appreciation and thankfulness.

8 Mouth-Watering Cookbooks to Impress Your Holiday Guests

With the coming of the holidays, I look forward to hosting all of my friends and family for dinner and drinks. In the end, though, I really want to keep the holidays from feeling complacent and stale. Everyone has tried all of our old standbys, and so we have a number of new recipe books that will instruct, invigorate, and inspire new favorite dishes and drinks to enjoy!

Nancy's Must-Reads

My bedside table is piled high these days...but what a good problem for a book lover to have. Here are the books I'm most excited about these days.

It's Always Heads

The opioid crisis, a now health crisis; a fund-less crisis teetering on bankrupting rural America, namely West Virginia; the rate of overdose three times the national average. A stone’s worth of pills thrown into the water of us, now rippling toward everything. So what do we do? What do you do?

Blown Away

I recently had the pleasant opportunity to enjoy James L. Haley’s A DARKER SEA: MASTER COMMANDANT PUTNAM AND THE WAR OF 1812, the sequel to THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI. While I have not had the pleasure of reading his first work, the second is a fine place to enter into the story of our hero, Bliven Putnam. Haley does a wonderful job of engaging the reader with an overarching historically factual narrative while writing realistic characters.

10 Great Books for the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution

Tuesday, November 7th marks the centenary of the October Revolution, the date Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd. Commemorate that earth-shaking event with these ten fantastic books about Russia and Russians, found in the store and online at Interabang Books!

The Power of Simple Baking

During a book fair this summer, a Japanese bookseller introduced me to a new word - Tsundoku - which is the act of buying books and letting them pile up unread. I’m sure many of us suffer from this affliction to some degree. Cookbooks are piled on my night stand and have always been a favorite bedtime read.

I especially like a cookbook with a good tale that takes you on a journey on how a recipe comes into being. And when the writer’s passion and love for his subject is as infectious as Jim Lahey’s, you can’t help but be swept along in the romance.

Everything You Should Know About Interabang Podcast

Interabang Books is excited to present Interabang Podcast, a weekly show featuring all things literature, from author interviews to book recommendations, and more. Here are the five things you should know about Interabang Podcast.


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