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The 12 Books of Christmas

There are only a few days left, but we've still got plenty of amazing books for you to give as gifts. Come visit with our amazing booksellers and tell us about your hard-to-buy-for friend or relative. We will help you find something perfect for everyone.

But first, let me run down a list of great books currently gracing our shelves. If you're looking for something special and maybe slightly off the beaten path, I offer these twelve suggestions.


Nancy's 6 Go-To Books

I admire people who read in one particular genre or have the discipline to focus on one period of history at a time...but I am clearly not one of them as proven by this random selection of books that have caught my attention over the past month.

Books for the Music Lover - or This List Goes to 11

Like great literature, great music can move us, inspire us and nourish our creative spirit. Although there is no substitute for listening to a favorite song, artist or composer, sometimes writings about music can help us understand and appreciate the creative process, open our minds to new perspectives and maybe even help us discover something we didn’t know about the music we love. Here, we’ve compiled some of this year’s best books on music for the audiophile on your list.

11 Coffee Table Books

Books are certainly meant to be read, yes, but books can also serve as an element of design in your home. Think how you’ve always wanted floor to ceiling shelves filled with a sliding ladder. We all have. With the idea of design in mind, coffee table books are a great way to add a new piece to a space while also serving as conversation starters. This last Thanksgiving I flipped through a coffee table book on United States parks with my grandma who has dementia, and it allowed us to connect on a day that was difficult for her.

11 Books You Could Give Anyone

Buying books as gifts can be tricky sometimes. You don’t want to bore/anger/offend the recipient. But more than that… you want them to actually like your gift. Short on ideas for books to give that one coworker/cousin/neighbor who you don’t know very well? Here are eleven books you could give any living, breathing adult.

10 Books for Film and Television Buffs

Every time you have a random question about movies or T.V., you turn to these people for the answer. It’s time to give back with these ten perfect books for film and television buffs!

10 Simply Great Books of Fiction

With the incredible volume of new releases from major and independent publishers every month, surely there are truly great works of fiction out there. However, we all know how difficult it can be to sort through the frenzy to find them. Here are ten actually great fiction titles from our general fiction, mystery, graphic novel, and sci-fi/fantasy sections!

10 Books of Introspective and Uplifting Poetry

Poetry does not have to be intimidating. Although some feel poetry is only dark, heavy, and something they don’t “get,” that does not have to be the case. Poetry is simply another way to experience language, and because of its usually shorter length, poetry is an easy way to include literature in your life every day. Below are works of poetry meant to uplift. These are great gifts for those who love poetry already or those looking to try something new, but want to start with poems that are lighter and more accessible.

9 History Books to Broaden Your Horizons

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We are not makers of history; we are made by history”. As such, we should always seek out different ways to understand history. We found these nine books to be the best of the best of our histories on significant topics! We have books about Texas’ varied history, the American Civil War, and even the lands that time forgot. Come by Interabang or order any of these books below.

9 Great Books You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Sometimes book recommendations can sound like a broken record, touching on the same combination of popular new books and classic titles. There’s so much more worth reading! Here are nine fantastic reads that are open secrets here in the store.


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