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Certain Pleasures for Uncertain Times: Inspiration, Essays, Amusements, and Poetry

The pleasures of reading can involve stimulation and excitement or, in another direction, familiarity, calm, and reassurance. At the moment, many of us are considering which books we’ll pick up next because the comfort of books is especially appealing in tense, uncertain times. Here is a selection of nonfiction favorites that we recommend for those ready for reflection and contemplation. 




February marks the celebration of Black History Month, paying tribute and honoring the many generations of African Americans who often struggled with adversity but made significant contributions to our society and culture. I am happy to say that children’s literature is rich with a wonderful array of stories about inspiring African Americans to enlighten and encourage a new generation of readers. Here are just a few of the many titles we have in the store.

Caught In A Good Romance

The romance industry is large — more than half of the mass market paperbacks sold in the U.S. are romance — and its readership is vast and varied. The stereotyped image of romance readers was previously unmarried old women (with cats) chasing a happy ending on the page, however unrealistic it might be. Now that we know that people from all walks of life read romance, we can ponder the uptick in diversity? Well, in a time where so much is happening in the world, escapism in the form of solvable conflict and happy endings is a welcome reprieve.


Ah, resolutions. There’s something about a new year, especially one that begins a new decade, that makes us want to hit refresh on our lives. For many, actually tackling those resolutions can seem overwhelming. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together some books to support the journey of self-improvement. For five popular New Year’s resolutions, here are some titles we offer to give you a boost. And if your resolution is not on this list, stop in and let us suggest books that can help. Here’s to 2020!


Eat Healthier

People Who Have Made A Difference: Our Children's Biography Section

What a wonderful time we live in to have the rich array of children’s biographies to inspire a new generation of young people. Children’s biographies bring to life the childhoods, influences and paths taken by the influential people who are the subjects of the stories. Here are just a few of my favorites to inspire and entertain the young person in your life. 

Holiday Books for Kids

The Holidays are upon us, and we have a vast selection of books to celebrate all the wonderful ways that we come together to spend these special days. From old favorites that have become familiar traditions, to creative modern tales, we have something for everyone.
Here are just a few of my favorites.


This is such a happy week for all of us at Interabang Books, as we begin a new chapter in our new location just a month after our store was destroyed in a tornado. We are filling our shelves with wonderful books that we are so excited to share with all of our customers. To celebrate the joy that we feel, I have gathered together a list of Children’s books that will bring joy and put a smile on readers of all ages. Come on in to the store, and we would love to share many more joyous ideas!

Interabang In The News

Thank you to both Allison Harris of Fox 4 News and Marie Saavedra of WFAA covering Interabang's reopening! Watch their reports here:

Fox 4: Dallas Businesses Reopen One Month After Tornado Destroys Previous Locations

WFAA: Bookstore damaged by October tornado reopens one month later

...And They Lived Happily Ever After: A Story of Resilience

The line above is how we often think a children’s story ends. I love a happy ending too, but in the aftermath of the tornado, I think perhaps it is more important to look at the journey rather than the end result and focus on the sometimes frightening, often challenging, and at times downright awful things that life can throw our way. These challenges present opportunities for children to grow in their resilience, a quality that will take them far in life and teach important lessons, coping skills and patience.


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