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Featured Table: Spies Are Better in Fiction

I've always been enamoured with spy novels, so my appreciation of the current Interabang table highlighting spy stories will come as no surprise. I would make a terrible deniable operative, in no small part because I am completely open about my enthusiasm for cloak and dagger operations. In the shadow of the Kremlin or in the mountains of Afghanistan, covert actions taken by deniable commandos bring me a certain appreciation of the realities behind geopoltical machinations. And they’re fun to read.

Featured Table: National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month (aka "the cruellest month"). April is the perfect time of year for poetry-- maybe it's the rain, the sunlight through the blossoming trees, or the thunderheads rolling through in the early morning. Interabang Books celebrates National Poetry Month with a featured table here in the store!

Check out some of Jack and Tyler's favorite poetry titles on the featured table:

Two Novels of Redemption

Some of my favorite novels explore the theme of redemption--fertile ground for authors to delve into a character’s sense of moral self, the tangle of thoughts and motivations that enable her to marginalize wrongs or justify culpability. Mentioned here are a couple of character-driven narratives that artfully articulate humankind’s innate hopefulness that past wrongs can be rectified and personal guilt, absolved.

Small Press Spotlight: The Overlook Press

As an indepedent bookstore, Interabang Books loves to support small publishers who put out unique and fascinating releases. The Overlook Press in New York doesn't shy away from the deep-cuts, the untold, and the beautifully-written.

What's on the Nightstand: Rena Pederson

At Interabang Books we love to ask our customers what they’re reading. We share some of their answers in What's on the Nightstand, a feature focused on what our friends in the community have been reading (or intend to).

Paranoia and Persistence: EDUCATED by Tara Westover

EDUCATED is the true story of a young woman escaping her abusive family through education. Raised in rural Idaho by her family of survivalist Mormons, Tara Westover survives brutal years working in her father’s scrap yard and on construction sites, all while never setting foot in a classroom for the first 17 years of her life. Tara’s father believes teachers to be instruments of a shadowy cabal involving the Illuminati. He distinguishes between them only by those who know that they are active tools of the Enemy and those who are unwitting drones of the perfidious enemy.

Frankenstein Turns 200

Two hundred years ago this month, a modern classic was born. FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley has captured the imaginations of generations since it was published in 1818. We all know the story, even if we haven’t read the novel: mad scientist Victor Frankenstein cobbles together a monster, made of body parts, and brings it to life with terrible consequences.

A Future That Never Arrives: Some thoughts on Matt Rasmussen’s BLACK APERTURE

There are some books that resurface: a friend finally gives back the borrowed copy, you find them under furniture, or stuffed behind others on a shelf, but when they return to you, it really feels like a return and you immediately get to rereading. When do books become a part of us? Why do some feel like we’ve always known them? We all have our own literary canon. And here’s one of mine that recently fell back into my life: Matt Rasmussen’s debut collection BLACK APERTURE.

Tyra Banks is Coming to Dallas!

It’s time to practice your “smeyes,” DFW— the fearless Tyra Banks is coming to the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas on Wednesday, April 11th at 7:30pm! Tyra will be here to talk about her new memoir PERFECT IS BORING: 10 Things My Crazy, Fierce Mama Taught Me about Beauty, Booty, and Being a Boss. Here’s all you need to know about this fabulous event with fashion icon Tyra Banks:

Bygone Bestsellers - John Fowles's THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN

Bygone Bestsellers is an Interabang project devoted to works with enduring value, going beyond name recognition or Top 10 lists from years ago. In some cases the recognition is fading; in others, TV or movie adaptations have kept the name familiar. These books’ heyday may have passed, but they offer fresh rewards for today’s readers. Each season Kyle will recommend four of them, all still in print decades after they first landed on bestseller lists.


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