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Children's Book Week

For me, every week is children’s book week, but for over 100 years, this week has been celebrated as “Children’s Book Week” around the country. There is no better time to read to a child, read with a child, or read a children’s book yourself.Most of the great lessons in life can be found within the pages of the beautiful array of children’s books that are in the world today.


Interabang Books has partnered with Bonfire to produce our first ever t-shirts! The design features the slogan "No Challenge Too Mighty" for our Dallas bookshop, destroyed by a tornado in 2019, shut down by the pandemic less than six months later, and now OPEN again! Show your support by wearing your support in our exclusive shirts, in unisex, women's/slim, and baseball jersey styles!

The campaign will run until midnight on Saturday, May 23, 2020. Shirts will ship no later than June 12. 

Mothers' Day is May 10!

Mother’s Day is but a few short weeks away and travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or concerns about visiting an older parent, may preclude us from actually seeing our moms on this special day. Instead, send her some love in book form by ordering online through our website or send her a gift certificate.


As a poetry reader, I get asked by many of our customers how to get into it. There’s a fear of not understanding, of intimidation, of inaccessibility, of not knowing where to start. I think a lot of this uncertainty stems from how we were introduced to poetry by high school teachers and college professors, equally intimidated. I had the pleasure of corresponding with one of our regulars who reached out wanting to explore the possibilities of poetry but was plagued by similar fears. Over a couple of emails, he became excited at the prospect of taking on something brand new.

The Works of José Saramago

This summer will mark ten years since the passing of Portuguese author and Nobel Laureate José Saramago and, as Mariner books has recently reprinted many of his quintessential novels with handsome new jackets (designed by prolific book cover designer Christopher Moisan), now is as good a time as any to revisit, or discover, the works of one of the more unique voices in contemporary European literature. 

EARTH COULD USE A HUG RIGHT NOW: Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day

On Wednesday, April 22nd, we will mark the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, a day set aside to support environmental protection of our earth. Even though we are all practicing social distancing and are housebound, this is a wonderful opportunity to get outside and enjoy the air, land and water that make up our home and perhaps leave it a little better than we  found it. Another way to celebrate Earth Day is to learn something new about our environment and how to bring about positive change. Here are some books to get you started.

Holding Up A Mirror

I don’t know about everyone else, but as of late I seem to have a lot of thinking time on my hands! That is something that I for one, am not super used to; normally, I am constantly on the go from one activity to the next. So now, instead of trying to fill every moment of downtime / think-time with pure distraction (don’t get me wrong—I am still doing my fair share of that!), I am trying to challenge myself to harness that think-time for good, and use it for reflection. 

What I am reading on my Covid-19, shelter-in-placecation

As much as the Interabang staff love sharing what we have read to our customers, we also enjoy getting recommendations from them. Below is a partial list of my bedside pile that I am finally getting to, containing a couple of recommendations from customers and other staff members to me, an old favorite dressed up in new clothes, and some new books I am ready to commit some time to (they’re pretty hefty).

Shelter In Place - Comforting Classics

In times of high anxiety and unrest, my default reaction is to turn to books that I’ve read before that are happy, funny, and fluffy - books where I can lose myself in the cheerful narrative and thoroughly ignore the real world.  Luckily, my bookshelves are full of happy endings that I can select from during this time of sheltering in place. Here are some of my favorite books for escaping from the stress of everything that is currently happening.

Craft Books

If I just had the time I know I’d be able to finish writing my novel... Oh yeah? Prove it. As readers many of us also fall into the category of aspiring writers. But isn’t time always the excuse, the easy way out? I’ve used it myself over and over. Wait until things slow down; you won’t be able to keep me from it, just wait. You’ll see. So here’s your chance; here’s that time that’s eluded you. What’s the excuse now?


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