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Gifts that Give Back

For those of you who buy a little gift for yourself while shopping for others, here are two lines that will make you feel a little less guilty about it: Public Supply and Blackwing!

Why We Love New Directions Publishing

This fall, we are thrilled to spotlight New Directions Publishing, one of our favorite small publishing houses. With its eclectic and discerningly curated list of titles, New Directions publishes hundreds of books that encompass many genres: novels, story collections, poetry, memoir, literary criticism, and philosophical inquiries. Since it began over eighty years ago, New Directions has championed voices and ideas from around the globe, many translated into English by translators who are among the most respected in their field.

When Life Gives You Lemon(s), Write a Memoir: A Conversation with Alex Lemon

“We do not want to hurt anyone else no matter what.”

My Identities Go in This Order: An Interview with Attica Locke

What can good writing do? Perhaps a valid response: good writing reflects the world back at us, back at ourselves. Attica Locke’s newest novel, BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD, a contemporary East Texas thriller, does just this. With our current political landscape shot through with division and fear, BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD finds its voice amongst our current racial struggles and tragedies.

Taxidermy and Tractors: A Look at Small Town Literature

Living in East Texas for a few years, I learned to appreciate the small towns that make up the bulk of the region. Some felt abandoned, save for a small cafe serving frozen foods in decorative dishes, a grade school cafeteria menu for adults passing through. I felt a nostalgia for something I never really had, but felt as though I should.

Don’t Miss These Great August Books!

Yes, fall is here. We’ve turned another page on the calendar. But before you put the wonderful books that came out this summer in your rearview mirror, wait! There are a number of August releases that didn’t receive a lot of publicity but should not be missed. These titles flew “under the radar” so to speak, and they are definitely worth the read. Here’s a look at some of these great August titles!

Children’s Author Carol Weston on Love and Loss in SPEED OF LIFE

If anyone has the appropriate mix of expertise and sensitivity to write a children’s book about grief, specifically grief over the loss of a parent, it’s probably Carol Weston. Not only is Weston the author of 16 popular books for children, including titles like GIRLTALK: ALL THE STUFF YOUR SISTER NEVER TOLD YOU and the fun-loving AVA AND PIP, she’s also a longtime advice columnist for Girl’s Life magazine, where she answers emails and letters from girls across America about everything from what it’s like to have your first crush to why your best friend doesn’t like you anymore.

10 Things You Should Know about Interabang Books

One of the most exciting things about opening a new bookstore? Talking with the readers who enter our doors! We’ve loved meeting readers from near and far who’ve dropped by to talk about books, browse our shelves, and attend book signings. Of course, many people are curious about the new bookstore. Why are you here? What makes you different? Are you the only Interabang Books in town? These are all excellent questions!

Poetry’s Chokehold: A Look at Richard Siken’s CRUSH

As we continue stocking the shelves during our soft opening, more and more of the titles we love are arriving in the store. One of those: CRUSH by Richard Siken, a collection of poems about obsession and love.

Ann Patchett: An Appreciation

Okay, I’ll admit it: I hadn’t read any Ann Patchett until last summer, when a friend of mine sent me an urgent text. You HAVE to read this book, she said. It’s amazing. You would love it. The book: Ann Patchett’s collection of essays, THIS IS THE STORY OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE, and since my friend has never steered my wrong, I immediately went out in search of the book.


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