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Happily Ever After

Business was booming at our Preston Royal bookstore last fall. Interabang was welcoming a lineup of much-loved authors, the store was gaining popularity every day, and new and exciting books filled our shelves as we looked towards the holidays. How unprepared we were for what was to come!


Fall is always a huge time for the publishing industry. However, this is shaping up to be an even larger season than usual. Many releases were delayed from spring because of the pandemic, so September and October will bring a mountain of exciting books. How to choose what to read? We leaned on Lori, the Interabang Book Buyer, and asked for a list of 10 upcoming releases,  both fiction and non-fiction, to keep an eye out for. Just 10! Yet from Jodi Picoult to Jerry Seinfeld, you’ll find a variety even on this short list.

Mrs. Laura Bush's 2020 Summer Reading List

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep children engaged in reading. This summer reading list includes picks for the youngest readers through middle schoolers – with topics ranging from race and kindness, to staying true to yourself, to the special bond of sisterhood — ensuring all readers are kept entertained throughout the summer and into the school year.

- From the Bush Center website

Books For Youngest Readers

Writing Books Worth Reading

First off, I am not a writer by trade or for pleasure. I don’t write for fun in my spare time, I don’t participate in National Novel Writing Month in November, and I certainly don’t have million word treatises hanging around my hard drive. That being said, I sincerely believe in the value of the written word, for how can I not? As a lover, consumer and purveyor of words, I dearly believe that the concisely conveyed thought is its own reward. 

Make This Season the Summer of LONESOME DOVE

What books should be on every Texans’ shelves? The question can best be bandied about while sitting around with friends enjoying a couple of Shiners, or perhaps a Tito’s and tonic with a twist. But since we’re here …

Antiracism for Kids

Our conscientiousness has been once more awakened to the reality of racism and inequality in our country. This past week has been one of much personal and public reflection and the emotions stirred by that process of anger, sadness and helplessness. I think often about how children feel about what they are seeing and hearing right now and how difficult it is for parents, teachers and other adults to talk to our children about racism and the active opposition to it that is antiracism. One of the things that gives me hope are the words of Nelson Mandela, 

The Shadow of What Happened Stays: An Interview With Lee Martin on His New Novel 

In November of 2009 I walked into an art gallery in downtown Nacogdoches where writer Lee Martin was giving a reading. I had not heard of him and though I was mostly interested in poetry at the time, it felt like the right place to be. And it was. Martin read to a packed house from his novel THE BRIGHT FOREVER, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, and once he finished, everyone rushed for a copy. It was stunning. For someone singularly interested in poetry, I was suddenly holding a novel in my hands, wanting to know the ending. That’s what a great writer can do, startle you.

The Return of a Texas Classic

In November 2017, The Wall Street Journal published a superlative review of Laura Wilson’s WATT MATTHEWS OF LAMBSHEAD, which had recently been issued in a new edition. In that review, Stephen Harrigan, the historian and author of BIG WONDERFUL THING: A HISTORY OF TEXAS, wrote,

Books that Transport Us: Nancy's Reading List for Indagare

In a time when travel seems impossible for now, those who wish to travel have turned to reading to be transported to different worlds. Nancy says, “Although we’re still ‘sheltering in place’ and longing for the days of easier travel and adventure, books can allow our imaginations to soar." As a member of travel group Indagare, she knows better than anyone what travel means to people.  Here, she and floor manager Brian W are sharing the books they believe will “satisfy your wanderlust while temporarily grounded. We hope you will find some good escapes!”

Karen Blumenthal - In Memorium

As Dallas and the entire literary world mourn the loss of author Karen Blumenthal, Interabang Books mourns the loss of a dear friend of our store. Karen was one of the first to visit our children’s section when we opened our doors in 2017. It was immediately clear that Karen had a passion and dedication to sharing stories that needed to be told, and as the children’s book buyer I wanted to put her books in the hands of our young readers. I appreciate so much her honesty in tackling tough subjects with truth and compassion.


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