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Featured Table: Books to Slow Down and Savor

Chilly weather and longer nights encourage cuddling up in a comfy chair with a great novel. Our special display of “Books to Slow Down and Savor” includes lots of great suggestions for a book that will be good company while you wait for warmer days. Here’s a sample:

2017 National Book Critics Circle Award Finalists

Last Monday, the 2017 National Book Critics Circle Award finalists were announced in every category. The selection this year reflects the dynamism and intensity of 2017, a remarkable year in literature.

We're lucky to have Lori Feathers, a member of the National Book Critics Circle, as our adult book buyer! Click here to listen to Lori talk on Interabang Podcast about the experience of selecting this year's finalists.

Jason Matthews's Espionage Expertise

One of the best perks of working at Interabang Books is finding new writers to enjoy. This past week, I stumbled into one of the most engaging spy novels I’ve ever read, written by an author with a wealth of personal espionage experience.

A World of Women

After the moments of women’s solidarity that we’ve seen recently at the Golden Globes, the Women’s March, and countless other places, I couldn’t help but think about some of the great fictional women I’ve known. The following is a list of books featuring strong women who defy convention, brought to life by talented female authors. The best part is, you probably haven’t read them yet.

Book Club Bash in Review

The first Interabang Book Club Bash was a wild success! Thank you to all the book clubs and participants in attendance. We shared good laughs, good conversation, and, most importantly, good reads.

Here are some of the great titles you heard about on Wednesday night. Look out for similar events in the store coming up throughout the year!

A Smile So Wide It Swallows: A Snapshot of Maryse Meijer’s HEARTBREAKER

On Pharmakon’s album BESTIAL BURDEN there’s a track titled “Primitive Struggle” where the artist, Margaret Chardiet, dry heaves alongside a pounding, tribal bass for two minutes. It’s difficult to listen to, but equally difficult to ignore. The track holds an obvious presence, acting as a sort of blinder; it becomes all there is: guttural, fever hacking. Maryse Meijer’s debut short story collection HEARTBREAKER has the same effect; it’s uncomfortable, strange, but you can’t look away.

Featured Table: New York Review Books

We’re kind of nerdy about small presses. Some independent publishers have the Midas touch— everything they release is gold, and you know you will enjoy anything from their catalogue.

New York Review Books consistently releases diverse, unique, curious, adventurous, ambitious writing, and we’re crazy about them. That’s why we put together a table featuring some of our favorite NYRB releases from the last few years.


M.T. Anderson may be remembered for FEED, a National Book Award Finalist. In his new book, he brings echoes of Ray Bradbury and George Saunders.

Two Great Reads for January

New year, new books to get excited about! Here are two January 9th releases that I want everyone to read.

2017 Interabang Books Staff Selections

2017 was a rollercoaster ride of major world events and societal upheaval. The literature of 2017 reflects the years dynamism, with new releases that challenge and energize readers. Here are our favorites from 2017, as selected by the Interabang Books staff.


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