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Carlos' Book Recommendations

Saturday Cover Image
ISBN: 9781400076192
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Published: Anchor - April 11th, 2006

Completely compelling and beautifully written, SATURDAY is an its infinite look at a small chunk of time (in this case, one Saturday in the life of a London neurosurgeon) but much more personal in its rich and wide-ranging musings, including many about the world post 9/11, war, aging, fear, family, and work.

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Speak: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062391209
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Published: Ecco - May 3rd, 2016

Powerful, poignant, and deep, Speak’s unusual structure weaves together six narrative voices, including a Puritan girl leaving her former life behind to journey to America, AI pioneer and WWII code-breaker Alan Turing, and a slowly dying “babybot”, that together illuminate a link between the creation of artificial intelligence and the fundamental human yearning for connection.

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The Story of My Teeth Cover Image
ISBN: 9781566894098
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Coffee House Press - September 15th, 2015

Those who have been following the young Mexican author’s writings will find this a departure from her almost avant-garde cosmopolitanism to a warmer and evocative style, much in the tradition of Borges' and Marquez' magical realism. But, the “magic" is in the characters and scenarios she creates and how “real" she can make the preposterous and outlandish seem. Unique, funny, a little off, but will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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Suite Francaise (Vintage International) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781400096275
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Vintage - April 10th, 2007

It’s no wonder Nemirovsky’s account of the German invasion of Paris and the aftermath seems so much more visceral and immediate than your typical WWII narrative; the author lived the events and wrote about them as they unfolded. But this isn’t so much a story of battles as it is about the people affected by circumstances outside of their control and the actions they take to survive, endure and love.

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You Remind Me of Me: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780345441409
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Ballantine Books - April 26th, 2005

Known more for his short story collections, Chaon’s criminally neglected first novel is a masterpiece of character development told through multiple points of view at different points in time. Under anyone else’s hands, the story might have been a confused mess, but the vignettes offered up by Chaon are skillfully woven together to reveal the connections of these disparate characters, relatable however flawed, who ultimately desire to do the right thing, mend broken bonds and not let the past dictate their destiny.