Stones: Poems Cover Image

Stones: Poems (Hardcover)

By Kevin Young
ISBN: 9781524732561


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Canopy: Poems Cover Image

Canopy: Poems (Paperback)

By Linda Gregerson
ISBN: 9780358622253


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Magical Negro Cover Image

Magical Negro (Paperback)

By Morgan Parker
ISBN: 9781947793187


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Twice Alive Cover Image

Twice Alive (Paperback)

By Forrest Gander
ISBN: 9780811230292


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The Flowers of Evil: (Les Fleurs du mal) Cover Image

The Flowers of Evil: (Les Fleurs du mal) (Hardcover)

By Charles Baudelaire, Aaron Poochigian (Translated by), Dana Gioia (Introduction by), Daniel Handler (Afterword by)
ISBN: 9781631498596


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A Year & Other Poems Cover Image

A Year & Other Poems (Hardcover)

By Jos Charles
ISBN: 9781571315472


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Superdoom: Selected Poems Cover Image

Superdoom: Selected Poems (Paperback)

By Melissa Broder, Melissa Broder (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781951142650


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Fighting Is Like a Wife Cover Image

Fighting Is Like a Wife (Paperback)

By Eloisa Amezcua
ISBN: 9781566896344


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Amanda Paradise Cover Image

Amanda Paradise (Paperback)

By Caconrad
ISBN: 9781950268429


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It Must Be a Misunderstanding Cover Image

It Must Be a Misunderstanding (Paperback)

By Coral Bracho, Forrest Gander (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780811231398


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