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Yonkers early Hip-Hop History - ( mid/late 70's)

*Solo Sounds *The BedRock Crew *Just 4 *The Serious 3 *Wheels *Jackson St *King School. *Brown Eyes *Arthur's *School 12

What most have recently begun to realize and appreciate is the hip-hop music that comes from the city of Yonkers, New York. From the block parties to the billboards, the demo tapes to the Grammy Awards, this book was designed to make the reader aware of the long-time marriage between hip-hop and the streets of Yonkers. The world started hearing our music in the late 90's with the Lox, DMX, and Mary J. Blige (Queen of Hip-Hop Soul). Hip-Hop has been marinating in the streets of Y.O. since its birth.

Some cities are known for developing and breeding athletes, doctors, engineers etc, however Yonkers created some of the best hip-hop artists. Some were superstars while others helped germinate the culture from its infant stage. Most of the recording artists from Yonkers lived in the projects (public housing) or southwest Yonkers, where their music and lyrics were born. Through their pain, love, trials, and tribulations, this environment shaped and developed their musical talents. Through the hip-hop expansion, it has outlived the initial expectations of failure to become a multi-billion dollar industry.


*Rare and Original flyers and hip hop artifacts .

*Stories and testimonials from original practitioners.

This book is used as a credible source for global hip-hop history.

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