Sleazy Stories: Confessions of an infamous modern Seducer of Women By Aaron Sleazy Cover Image
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Aaron Sleazy is among the most infamous modern seducers of women. His unusually direct style gained him followers all around the globe. Due to his incredible boldness and complete disregard of social norms he has eventually reached a level of success that can only be described as surreal. Some people may consider him a despicable character, but men usually envy his abilities with women, while women wish more men were like him.

This book chronicles Aaron Sleazy's development from a guy that got some female attention into a raunchy modern Don Juan. It contains his most memorable, his most entertaining, his craziest, and his most bizarre adventures on his quest of picking up women. Sleazy Stories is a collection of not even one year's worth of experiences. Nonetheless, it contains more variety and absurdities than a lifetime's sexual history of probably 99.9 % of guys out there.

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ISBN: 9783942017008
ISBN-10: 3942017008
Publisher: Black Swallowtail Publishing
Publication Date: October 5th, 2009
Pages: 202
Language: English