Introductory Quantum Mechanics: A Traditional Approach Emphasizing Connections with Classical Physics (Unitext for Physics) By Paul R. Berman Cover Image
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Introduction.- Mathematical Introduction.- Free Particle Schroedinger Equation - Free-Particle Wave Packets.- Schroedinger's Equation with Potential Energy: Introduction to Operators.- Postulates and Basic Elements of Quantum Mechanics: Properties of Operators.- Problems in 1-dimension: General Considerations, Infinite Well Potential, Piecewise Constant Potentials, and Delta Function Potentials.- Simple Harmonic Oscillator - One Dimension.- Problems in 2 and 3-dimensions - General Considerations.- Central Forces and Angular Momentum.- Spherically Symmetric Potentials - Radial Equation.- Dirac Notation.- Spin.- Important Basics from Phys 453.- Perturbation Theory.- Variational Approach.- WKB Approximation.- Scattering - 1-D.- Scattering - 3-D.- Symmetries and Transformations.- Rotations - Examples.- Addition of Angular Momentum: Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients.- Vector and Tensor Operators: Wigner-Eckart Theorem.- Spin-Orbit Interactions - Hydrogen Atom with Spin in External Fields.- Time-Dependent Problems.- Approximation Techniques in Time-Dependent Problems.- Fermi's Golden Rule.

About the Author

Paul R. Berman is a Physics Professor at the University of Michigan. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of America. Among topics he is currently investigating are microscopic theories of atom-field interactions in dielectrics, spin squeezing, storing quantum information, light scattering, collective emission, and pedagogical problems in atom-field interactions.

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ISBN: 9783319685960
ISBN-10: 3319685961
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: January 28th, 2018
Pages: 637
Language: English
Series: Unitext for Physics