Digital Activism, Community Media, and Sustainable Communication in Latin America By Cheryl Martens (Editor), Cristina Venegas (Editor), Etsa Franklin Salvio Sharupi Tapuy (Editor) Cover Image
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1. Transforming Digital Media and Technology in Latin America.- Part I Digital Territories: Transnational and Local Hybrid Experiences/- 2. Radio Ind gena and Indigenous Mexican Farmworkers in Oxnard, California.- 3. Sounds of the Neighborhood: Innovation, Hybrid Urban Space, and Sound Trajectories.- 4. Practitioner Perspective. Digital Networks in Bolivia: Territory, Community Collaboration and the Wayna Tambo Diversity Network.- Part II Approaches to Decolonizing Knowledge and Communication.- 5. Open Knowledge, Decolonial, and Intercultural Approaches to Communication Technologies for Mobility: The Achuar Kara Solar Project.- 6. Open Access in Dispute in Latin America: Towards the construction of counter-hegemonic structures of knowledge.- 7. Narratives for the defense of the digital commons.- 8. Autonomous Infrastructures: Community Cellphone Networks in Oaxaca, Mexico.- Part III Digital Activism and Resistance.- 9. Favela Digital Activism: The Use of Social Media to Fight Oppression and Injustice in Brazil.- 10. Jiujitsu moves, radio bemba, and other transmedia practices: social movement strategies counter statist media power.- 11. Digital Activism and the Mapuche Nation in Chile.- 12. Practitioner Perspective. Feminist Cyberactivism in Theory and Practice.- Part IV Documenting, Representing, and Strengthening Indigenous Language and Culture.- 13. Re-presenting Indigenous in Ecuadorian Media: A NewsFrames Approach.- 14. Challenging Asymmetries of Power and Knowledge Through Learning Communities and Participatory Design in the Creation of Smart Grids in Way u Communities.- 15. Indigenous Journalism in Ecuador: An Alternative Worldview.- 16. Practitioner, Perspective. Digital Communication Strategies for Strengthening and Empowering Amazonian Peoples and Nationalities: Community Radio and the Quijos Nation.


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Publication Date: August 6th, 2021
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