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10 Spanish Short Stories to Boost Your Reading and Listening Comprehension Reading is one of the best activities you can do to learn new vocabulary and grammar structures. When coupled with audio material to boost your reading comprehension, it becomes an, even more, fun and effective method to improve your Spanish. Learn Spanish Vocabulary in Context The short stories will not just teach you new Spanish words, but also help you better understand the contexts in which the words can be used. This will help you develop a more natural flow of words when speaking Spanish. No Dictionary Needed With built-in glossaries throughout the text, you will learn hundreds of Spanish words, phrases, and expressions, without the need for a dictionary. This will let you enjoy an unhampered reading experience and boost your reading comprehension. Useful Story Themes for Intermediate Level The stories you will find inside this book are not only interesting to read, but also revolve around useful situations that you might encounter in everyday life. You can immediately put the words you learn to use The story themes are: music, office, trips, cooking, luxury/money, beauty, weather, family, also dreams and nightmares. Improve Your Listening Skills and Pronunciation with Audio Practice your listening skills and familiarize yourself with spoken Spanish by listening to the free audio recorded by a native Spanish-speaker. When you listen to the audio supplement, you will be able to train your ear and familiarize yourself with how the words sound when spoken, as well as practice the pronunciation by following along to the audio. Ideal for Intermediate Level Spanish-Learners Some beginners may be able to enjoy the stories, but a basic understanding of Spanish is recommended to get maximum enjoyment and effectiveness out of the stories. Technical Details:
  • 10 Spanish short stories with built-in Spanish-English glossary.
  • 172 minutes of audio.
  • 115 pages.
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