Training Your Own Service Dog AND Training Your Own Psychiatric Service Dog 2021: (2 Books IN 1) Cover Image
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Are you suffering from PTSD?

Do you find it hard to go outside your home and do the things you have missed and loved doing in the past?

Have you been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks which leave you confined to your home?

This 2 in 1 BUNDLE of Training Your Own Service Dog 2021 and Training Your Own Psychiatric Service Dog 2021 BUNDLE is designed to tell you how you can accomplish your dreams by owning a Psychiatric Service Dog and how you can train it yourself without having to pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to train the dog for you.

Dogs can be great companions, and once they are trained to help you with your disabilities, you can experience more joy and fun in your life without having to worry about your medical conditions, preventing you from doing the things you love to do.

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ISBN: 9781954182790
ISBN-10: 1954182791
Publisher: Tyler MacDonald
Publication Date: February 4th, 2021
Pages: 412
Language: English