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One of the most important books in American History

Who were the bold and courageous men that risked their lives for the glory of American independence?

In this book filled with historical gems, you will discover:

  • Why and how the Declaration of Independence was written
  • Biographies of fifty-six signers including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams
  • Why did they risk their lives, families, and possessions for the sake of independence
  • Who was the signer nicknamed the 'Father of American Medicine'
  • Why was there an impeachment trial for a signer and what was his response
  • Who were the two signer's that died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence
  • General George Washington before he was President
  • Which signer was poisoned to death
  • Who was the signer who used Peruvian bark to treat distemper, and cider to cure patients

You will also learn about the signer who narrowly escaped death by a tomahawk and another who stood next to someone who was shot and killed.

And still another famous man who conducted an experiment to see if his own mother would recognize him while he lodged in her home

Bonus - 80 rare, historical photos "Compelling history that should be required reading for everyone "

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