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Nineteen Cuts (Dead Thorn Diaries #1) Cover Image
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My name is Thorn and I was dead once. My mind, my heart, and my spirit were as lifeless as a pond of bleach. So I carved into my slender wrists with a double-edged blade. Nineteen cuts in all, representing nineteen soul-destroying years I should have never been forced to endure. But I am proof that not even death can stop the bleeding.

I am very dead--purging every last drop of crimson fluid from my veins has that effect--but I am also still very alive. I'm just not...human anymore.

Suicide wasn't the end. It was just the little nap I took at the end of a shitty life. I got the luxury of waking up again. And that's when the fun began. The Freak Show. I was purged of the romantic delusion that death would heal me, because the beautiful and perverted Brehnn are coming for me. The cruel beings will gift me a nightmare only a diseased mind could fathom. And if they ever catch me, after they've had their fun, I won't be the guest at their dinner table. I'll be the entr e.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781937303839
ISBN-10: 1937303837
Publisher: Ringo Gene Hayden
Publication Date: March 11th, 2016
Pages: 414
Language: English
Series: Dead Thorn Diaries