Days in the Lives of Gerontological Social Workers: 44 Professionals Tell Stories from Real Life Social Work Practice with Older Adults By Linda May Grobman, Dara Bergel Bourassa (With) Cover Image
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This book, like its predecessors Days in the Lives of Social Workers and More Days in the Lives of Social Workers, highlights the experiences of social workers through first-person narratives. This volume focuses on professional social work in direct and indirect practice with and on behalf of older adults. The contributors to this book are social workers at the BSW, MSW, and doctoral levels. Gerontological social work is a growing and exciting practice specialty The stories told by these gerontological social workers will transform your thinking about what this type of work entails. You will gain a better understanding of the issues facing older adults and their social workers, and you may be inspired to pursue this career path. This engaging collection will make a welcome supplement to the theory found in traditional textbooks. Organizations, Web sites, additional readings, and a glossary of terms are included to assist you in further exploring these areas of social work practice. Photographs by social worker/photographer Marianne Gontarz York are featured to expand your visual images of real people as they grow older.

Table of Contents Chapter 1 The Blessings of Meals on Wheels Chapter 2 Adult Protective Services Chapter 3 Working With Immigrants in a Community Senior Center Chapter 4 When the White Cane Comes in Handy: Helping Older Adults Navigate the Health Care System Chapter 5 Geriatric Community Care Management Chapter 6 Community Senior Services Chapter 7 Best Practices in a Community Setting Chapter 8 A Day in the Life of a NORC Chapter 9 Gas Masks, Self-Affirmation, and War in Israel Chapter 10 Firsts: Mrs. Blue Visits the ER Chapter 11 Social Work in Outpatient Rehabilitation Chapter 12 Hospital Social Work: A Fast-Paced Environment Chapter 13 Welcome to Geriatrics Life as a VA Social Worker Chapter 14 Do Unto Others: Life Lessons Learned as a Medical Social Worker Chapter 15 A Typical Day: Social Work in Home Health Chapter 16 A Day in the Life of a Hospice Social Worker Chapter 17 The Need for Hospice Social Workers in Skilled Nursing Facilities Chapter 18 Social Work in a Nursing Home Chapter 19 The Mount Chapter 20 Life as a Nursing Home Administrator Chapter 21 Investigative Social Work: The Nursing Home Surveyor Chapter 22 A Day in the Life of an Ombudsman Chapter 23 Long Term Care Ombudsman: Another Perspective Chapter 24 Working With Geriatric Inpatients in Acute Mental Health Chapter 25 Stella's Orchestra: Social Work in Rural Geriatric Mental Health Chapter 26 Social Work at the Alzheimer's Association Chapter 27 Parkinson's Disease and Social Work Practice Chapter 28 A Social Work Perspective on Geriatric Addictions Chapter 29 Working With Homeless Older Adults Chapter 30 Tapping Into the Creative Parts: Art Therapy With Older Adults Chapter 31 Integrative Touch and the 15-Minute StressOut Chapter 32 A Win-Win Partnership: Intergenerational Social Work Chapter 33 Social Work in a Law Firm Chapter 34 Geriatric Care Management in Private Practice Chapter 35 Caregiver Psychoeducational Support Groups: Gerontological Social Work in Business and Industry Chapter 36 Community Organizing in State Government Chapter 37 Gray and Gay: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Aging Chapter 38 Field Placement in Geriatric Case Management Chapter 39 A Graduate Student's Experience in the Hartford Practicum Partnership Program Chapter 40 Learning the Ropes as a BSW Intern Chapter 41 Teaching Aging by Concept and Example Chapter 42 One Day in the Life of a Qualitative Researcher Chapter 43 Racism Oral History Chapter 44 Centenarians in India: Secrets to Long Life.

About the Author

Linda May Grobman, MSW, ACSW, LSW, is the founder, publisher, and editor of The New Social Worker, the magazine for social work students and recent graduates, and editor of the books Days in the Lives of Social Workers, More Days in the Lives of Social Workers, and The Field Placement Survival Guide. She has been a social worker in mental health and medical settings, and is a former staff member of two state chapters of the National Association of Social Workers. Dara Bergel Bourassa, Ph.D., MSW, LSW, is an assistant professor of social work and director of the gerontology program at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. She received her BSW and MSW from the University of Pittsburgh. She received her Ph.D. in social work from the University of Maryland at Baltimore in 2007.

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