Green Computing and Green It Best Practices on Regulations and Industry Initiatives, Virtualization, Power Management, Materials Recycling and Telecom Cover Image


Green computing is the environmentally responsible use of computers and related resources. Such practices include the implementation of energy-efficient central processing units (CPUs), servers and peripherals as well as reduced resource consumption and proper disposal of electronic waste (e-waste).

Green IT is taking on a bigger role for many reasons, this book covers all areas including an increased awareness of environmental danger; concern about power bills; regulatory requirements; government procurement rules; and a sense that corporations should embrace social responsibility.

But IT is still responsible for 2% of all carbon releases, and it's coming from many sources. Fast memory for instance is getting to be a surprisingly high energy consuming item.

This is a great book as it highlights Green IT in a clear and compelling way and shows how, really, the business case for sustainability has been largely proven. This is a quality, believable business book that will help especially managerial staff understand this topic in biz terms most known to them.

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ISBN: 9781921523441
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Publisher: Emereo Pty Ltd
Publication Date: August 21st, 2008
Pages: 196
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