Mind Control: The Most Complete Guide to Master the Subliminal Art of Mentalism. Dark psychology secrets + Manipulation techniques + Cover Image
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Do you want to know how to control and influence the mind? If yes, then keep reading

To say that the Mind Control is a game-changer is an understatement, as, by the end of each chapter, the reader is guaranteed to be well-equipped with everything they'll ever need to know about controlling and influencing the mind and will be more than capable to practice and apply it for themselves, should you desire to wield it to your own advantage.

The book starts off first by educating you about the basics of dark psychology, before swiftly moving onto the techniques that you can apply to benefit yourself in your daily life.

This book includes:

  • Basics of dark psychology
  • How to analyze and read people
  • How to send subliminal messages
  • How to persuade someone
  • Basics of deception and brainwashing
  • Controlling and influencing the human mind

And so much more

Aside from these techniques, the book also offers lessons on how to shield oneself from these invasive methods. With contents such as how you can spot a lie, how you can spot and defend yourself from manipulators, how one can resist subliminal persuasion tactics, how you can recognize and prevent the effectiveness of said tactics, and many more insights to protect you from any attempts of mind control makes this book an excellent read. You can expect to learn and apply new knowledge once you've finished this book.

Boost yourself up the scale now by using these hidden tactics to your advantage, and never let yourself be fooled subconsciously ever again with the aid of this book

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ISBN: 9781914123733
ISBN-10: 1914123735
Publisher: Darren Brown
Publication Date: November 11th, 2020
Pages: 682
Language: English