Burgundy Winters: in Europe By Pranay Patil, Pete Heyes (Illustrator), Nicola Peake (Editor) Cover Image
By Pranay Patil, Pete Heyes (Illustrator), Nicola Peake (Editor)
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Jace Tanner is your typical All-American rockstar who was just living the dream. His band, 'Soft Division, ' was gaining traction. As the crowds grew larger and the parties became more frequent, Jace's drug addiction worsened. Jace eventually comes face-to-face with the reality of his actions. After the fatal cocaine overdose of his best friend, Jace realizes that his reckless actions have very real and very fatal consequences. Jace had never felt so disgusted with himself. He could've stopped him. If Jace had intervened and snapped out of his daze or if he just listened to Pearl for once, then his best buddy would still be here. The tragedy was a wake-up call like no other. It's been six months now, and Jace is fresh out of rehab. He leaves the rehab centre feeling optimistic. Jace felt like a new man. Jace's sister, Pearl, finally convinces him to tour Europe. While in Paris, Jace meets a beautiful young woman who was about to change his life forever-Yasmine Belmont, a tour guide with a past similar to his. Jace was head over heels. He was convinced she was his savior, while Yasmine, on the other hand, kept her trust under tight guard. Jace wasn't going to weasel her way into her life that easily. As they travel through Paris, Belgium, Aachen, Cologne, and Prague, the romance beings to build. They were a match made in chaos. If only things were that easy. Before their relationship has the chance to ignite into a wildfire and burn out of control, the pair faces the impossible; meeting parents, falling in love, seeing ghosts... If you're looking for a glamorous and fluffy romance novel, you've come to the wrong place. Burgundy Winters is an inspiring tale based on a true story that showcases the reality of addiction, tragedy, love, and self-forgiveness. A relatable yet twisted tale that will move you to your core.

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ISBN: 9781912948444
ISBN-10: 1912948443
Publisher: Crystal Peake Publisher
Publication Date: March 4th, 2022
Pages: 334
Language: English