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Addressing 100 key issues relevant to contemporary Muslims, this collection of Islamic legal opinions seeks to concentrate on the most controversial and divisive issues within Islamic life. Providing invaluable insight into the Islamic tradition, the Grand Mufti answers thousands of questions that have been posed to him over the years. Topics of discussion include, What is the relationship between Islam and other religions? How can Muslims respond to the claim that women have been oppressed through Islam’s system of inheritance? What is the Islamic view of democracy? and What are the main, touchstone books for each of the four schools of Sunni law? Each fatwa attempts to clarify important concerns that pose difficulty for the Muslims of today, and the complex answers offer answers that can be utilized daily.

About the Author

Sheikh Ali Gomaa is the Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt—the second highest Muslim religious position in the country. He is the head of the Dar al-Ifta, which is the premier institution in the Muslim world for religious legal direction, and he advocates for moderation and speaks out against extremist ideologies. He is the author of more than 32 books on Islam and writes a regular column in the Al-Ahram newspaper.

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