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SHORT-CHANGED lifts the lid on how vast amounts of wealth in the hands of just one per cent of the population is misused to control not only our economy but also our politics.

This immensely readable account of how we live and work identifies the fundamental flaw in our political economy. Quite simply, money has been misused since time immemorial. Money was only ever intended as a measurement system to facilitate the fair exchange of goods and services. Its use should be restricted to spending, saving, or giving away. However, we have all misguidedly accepted that one's personal wealth can be increased by using it to extract income from the work of other people. The truth is that it is work, not money, that drives our real economy.

SHORT-CHANGED is not a dry explanation of economics; it is based on understandable common sense. This book will show you how:

- Money has been misused since before economists existed

- Work, not Money drives our real economy

- We live in a de-facto Plutocracy, not a real Democracy

- There is a better way of living, if we all ask the right questions and work together

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ISBN: 9781800421141
ISBN-10: 1800421141
Publisher: Silverwood Books
Publication Date: October 12th, 2021
Pages: 234
Language: English