Jesus Is Better Than Porn: How I Confessed my Addiction to My Wife and Found a New Life Cover Image
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You can break free from porn and find a new life. Apply practical strategies and escape the hamster wheel of compulsive pornography use.
Get the inspiration, motivation and information you have been looking for as you begin your journey to the LIGHT. Honest, hard-hitting, helpful and hopeful This story of one man's courageous battle against lust and pornography shows how a Christian (even a pastor) can be trapped in the darkness, feeling isolated and afraid to ask for help. Yet Hugh's story of heartbreak, humility and trusting in Christ shows how God offers new life.

When Hugh finally confessed his secret double life to his wife of 30 years, it almost destroyed her. Yet out of this terrible pain, the Lord brought forgiveness and healing. Their marriage today is stronger than ever This can be your story too There is HOPE for anyone enslaved by sin, because Jesus came to set the captives free.
  • Learn how to fight lies with the truth.
  • See how you can take control of your thoughts and your mind.
  • Begin using your own personal "Battle Plan" today.
  • Practice intentional living. Your life can be different.
  • God has already provided you with everything you need for your new life.
  • Use the discussion questions at the end of each chapter with your group.
A Certified Partner Coach wrote: "During the past 17 years, I've read countless books on the topic of secretive sexual behaviors. Few offer as much humble-yet-helpful wisdom as this book by lifelong missionary, Hugh Houston."

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Jesus is so much better than porn

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ISBN: 9781797641416
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 20th, 2019
Pages: 122
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