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The Inner World of Research is a book about the misery and joy of life as a researcher. It deals with essential but rarely spoken of topics in the everyday life of a researcher, focussing in particular on the role of emotions and social relations in research. It stretches from the individual researcher, to the 'micro-cosmos' of the research team and to the broader policy environment in which research takes place.

The book is to a large extent based on autobiographical material from the author's long career as a leading social scientist. But it also derives from extended interviews with researchers from a variety of disciplines, and with authors, artists and musicians. It delves into the mysteries of creativity; the joys and frustrations of collaboration; and the role of fear, anger, and boredom in the life of a researcher. It is driven by a quiet fury about how research as a practice is so little understood and so poorly administrated and communicated.

Neither a standard research monograph nor a typical memoir or autobiography, The Inner World of Research belongs to the academic essay genre. It is a book based on the author's frustrations, experiences and curiosity but all through written in dialogue with colleagues supported by adequate scholarship. It is personal and self-reflexive yet authoritative and offers significant insights into the heaven and hell of contemporary academic life in general. And in contrast to many other contemporary books on 'the decline of the university', this book is not only critical but also self-critical and constructive.

About the Author

Stefan Svallfors is a sociologist and a research professor at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm. He is the Secretary General for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the Swedish Research Council, and a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.

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