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Spirited, young Eunice will not settle for a woman's lot in 1800s Canada. She sees the inequitable use of power everywhere, from her abusive father to the elite-ruled government, and she cannot help but challenge it. This historical fiction follows her escape from trouble into more and more trouble, through which her ignorance grows into a sophisticated political understanding of her society. Impatient to claim a place in it, Eunice dresses as a boy to find more freedom and joins an independence rebellion against the elite-ruled government. She lands in jail for stealing a rich man's horse, and there she begins to understand the intersections of power and oppression through the politics of anti-slavery and prison abolition. Though she rarely finds ease in the drudgery of settler life in Upper Canada, readers will fall in love with Eunice for her integrity and tenacity against all odds.

About the Author

Judi Coburn grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her early involvement in the women's movement led to her contribution to Women at Work, the first history of women's work in Ontario. She teaches high school history and English and has written a history of the former City of York. Family roots in both Toronto and Paris, Ontario, provided rich resources for this first novel. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two sons.

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ISBN: 9781773634852
ISBN-10: 1773634852
Publisher: Roseway Publishing
Publication Date: September 15th, 2021
Pages: 272
Language: English