Wilson the Wombat and the Nighttime What-If Worries: A therapeutic book and a fun story to help support anxious and worried kids at bedtime. Written b By Amy S. Orlovich, James Koenig (Illustrator), Denise Arends (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Amy S. Orlovich, James Koenig (Illustrator), Denise Arends (Illustrator)
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Wilson the wombat finds himself with a bedtime tummy ache of worry. Does your child struggle with worry too?

In this helpful book, written by a professional counselor, you will read the story of adorable Wilson the Wombat and his family, meet some of their unique Australian animal friends, and watch as he reminds his body and mind to relax so he can sleep.

You will also learn some incredible facts about the wombat (did you know they poop cubes?), and you will be taught how to help the kids in your life ignite the skills of self-regulation. You will be able to help cultivate those feelings of safety for your kids, from the knowledge and proven training of a licensed therapist.

This is a perfect read aloud book for kids at bedtime. It has three stories in one:

  • The story of Wilson the wombat and his family
  • Incredible facts about wombats and other Australian animals
  • And suggestions from a licensed counselor/therapist on how to help your child get to sleep even when the "nighttime what-if worries" creep in.

This multifaceted book is engaging, funny, and practical and helps kids and adults alike learn how to battle their worry and anxiety. You can help your child gain positive mental health practices they can utilize for the rest of their life.

About the Author:

Amy Orlovich is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and lives in Boise, Idaho in the USA. Since she was young, Amy has loved learning fun and extraordinary facts about our amazing world and the people and animals living in it. She wanted to incorporate some amazing animals with some of the tools people need to feel peaceful and calm.

Amy has a counseling practice called Waters Gone By and she sees clients who have experienced trauma and other kinds of difficult life circumstances. She utilizes EMDR in her practice and you can learn more about her and her practice at watersgoneby.com.

About the Illustrators:

James Koenig has illustrated over 50 children's books and created characters and illustrations for countless other children's toys and products over the last 16 years.

Denise Arends has been in the illustration field for 15 years and counting. She has a knack for matching the style of the characters James creates and bringing out captivating coloring in books.

You can learn more about them at: www.freelancefridge.com.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737401605
ISBN-10: 1737401606
Publisher: Waters Gone By, LLC
Publication Date: August 10th, 2021
Pages: 38
Language: English