Be Vigilant!: Strategies to Stop Complacency, Improve Performance, and Safeguard Success. Your Business and Relationships Depend on Cover Image
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Complacency kills.

Success can be deadly in business, leadership, and relationships.

When you're used to winning and achieving, overconfidence and faulty logic can blind you to potential dangers up ahead. Complacency costs money, causes slip ups, and creates critical mistakes that will put your company, your brand, and your teams at risk.

Protect your hard-earned success by combatting complacency Blending his 30 years of brand marketing for companies such as Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup, and Nabisco with his experience as a sheriff's deputy, Len Herstein shares law enforcement-inspired business strategies to help you see beyond the target and stay vigilant against threats like competition, predictability, bad habits, micromanagement, abuse of power, and industry change. Battle-tested in the most dangerous breeding ground of complacency, this is your guide to conscious decisions for better business performance-powered by real-world safeguards to success.

You'll discover:

  • Four steps to avoid crises through threat awareness and management, scenario planning, and strategic communication.
  • Assessment tips to help focus efforts on what went wrong, and what went right, after every project-and how to learn from both.
  • The strategy of simple, sensory-based reminders to enforce positive behaviors at the workplace and at home. Better management accountability and protection against harmful organizational complacency through a more engaged team.
  • How to use the right metrics in the right way to gauge performance while curbing overconfidence.

The greater the success, the greater the risk of a complacent mindset. Anybody with something to protect should read Be Vigilant now to get the tools you need to fight complacency at work and at home.

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ISBN: 9781737099109
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Publisher: Swings B Publishing
Publication Date: October 14th, 2021
Pages: 248
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