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Stop Marketing and Start Growing Your Business by Creating More Conversations with the Right People

How can I consistently find my next high-ticket client?

This burning question has many expert-based entrepreneurs tossing and turning at night. Experts in all walks of life often feel like a best-kept secret and struggle to create the consistency and predictability in their business that will lead to financial freedom.

Is this happening to you?

Perhaps you were taught tactics that failed to deliver the results you were promised. Those tactics didn't work because they aren't in alignment with who you are, which is why they may have felt sleazy, slimy, and smarmy.

The reason that happened is because you weren't taught the skills that will consistently help you find your next ideal client. We're going to show you exactly how to do this in this book.

This book was written with you in mind, the expert entrepreneur, who is trying to find the fastest path to creating repeatable success, without the hustle, hassle, and headaches that come from chasing clients.

Growing your business isn't about chasing prospects and wrestling them down to the ground to get their credit card numbers. Instead, you'll learn how to leverage your hard-earned expertise and authority with simple strategies that will convert for you.

Experts Never Chase shows you not only what to do, but how to tap into an easier way to scale your business, using client-

centric strategies to grow your connections, conversations, and conversions.

The steps, systems, and strategies shared in this book are your roadmap to accomplish one primary objective: enroll a new client BEFORE you finish the last page of this book. A big promise...that we aim to deliver.

It all starts with how you...start.

Attracting clients isn't about creating some fancy funnel where you sit back and watch the money roll in. It requires your active participation to create an attractive experience for your new connections.

It's a bit like speeding around a racetrack. There are 4 turns to navigate so you can create a winning experience:

  1. Research-Know where to find your perfect potential clients online in large numbers, specifically looking for the "Awesome" in them, what is unique and interesting about them that can help with initiating conversation.
  2. Attention-Know what to do and say to get your potential client's attention.
  3. Conversation-Start new conversations that can organically and easily become sales conversations.
  4. Enroll-Know when and how to make an offer to work together.

These are the exact steps that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs scale their businesses, including us, and it will help you do the same.

The best part about these strategies? They will always work, no matter what is happening in the world around us, because they're based on genuine connections with real people.

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