Pivotes: agentes de cambio para emprender (Pivots: Agents of Change Taking Action) Cover Image
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Natural disasters have come to stay in our lives. They are no longer isolated phenomena that occur every twenty years. In Puerto Rico, the leaders of nonprofit organizations know that change and adaptation are the order of the day. There is nothing like two catastrophic hurricanes and earthquake sequels in a period of less than twenty-eight months to change your life completely. If you can identify with this shake-up, this book is for you.

As a leader with a twenty-year history in the ecosystem of nonprofit entities, living through natural disasters presented me with unthinkable challenges that caused a rift within me. I felt myself spinning and spinning uncontrollably in the midst of a crossfire that tested my tenacity and bravery. One night, trying to find a way to focus, I sat down to ask myself what object I resemble. That is how the pivot piece occurred to me. And I began to call myself a social pivot. I realized that I had been a pivot all along, without knowing it. An agent of change from a tender age, committed to causes, focused on the common good and interested in being a philanthropist without money-but with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. A strong advocate of social justice, education, and health, as well as of the key role non-profit organizations play in civil society. Nevertheless, I do not support charity-rather solidarity-because I think that the former does not promote the balance of power. As a social pivot, I have dealt with identifying a problem and operationalizing the solution, always thinking of people as beneficiaries. My transformation as a leader has forced me to adapt and be reborn in order to model to others the strategies of reinvention, innovation, and how to aspire to a balance of power. Pivoting at high speed requires a lot of courage, character, and tenacity in order to do it with agility and detachment. This is my story and with it, tactical chapters were born so that entrepreneurs from non-profit organizations can find answers and recommendations for the turns that must constantly be made in this industry. Tightening your seatbelt is the first thing you must do before reading this book. Reading it will mean asking yourself if you can commit to the Pivot Manifesto.

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ISBN: 9781735121925
ISBN-10: 1735121924
Publisher: Deletrea
Publication Date: April 27th, 2021
Pages: 158
Language: Spanish