The Do Gooder's Guide to Investing: Grow Your Money While Investing in Affordable Housing, Renewable Energy, and Local Communities Cover Image
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Impact Climate Change Boost Affordable Housing Help the Environment

Did you know you can grow your money while doing good?

Your investments or bank accounts could be supporting exactly what you're fighting against. The Do Gooder's Guide to Investing will show you exactly how to align your investments and bank accounts with your values.

You will learn:

  • How to earn more money - with less risk and MORE impact.
  • How to earn dividends from renewable energy, affordable housing,
  • How to invest in local communities, diversity & inclusion, and more.
  • The "7 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Advisor."
  • The basics of sustainable finance and sustainable investing.
  • Impact investing for beginners.
  • How to build a personalized, sustainable portfolio.
  • Green home improvements with positive financial returns.
  • Which stocks and ETFs create positive impact.

Reader's have chimed in with amazing results:

"This book gave me the confidence to move my investments into a more diverse portfolio of higher impact, higher return investments...and the actionable resources to do so immediately." -Steve Walker, CEO, ChalkDoc

Even if you're new to investing, this book will help you understand the impact investing landscape. Investing your money wisely is more important for your future than ever. And today, investing in things that make you feel good is more needed than ever.

The good news is these investments are more profitable than ever.

Other commentary:

"The next Soul of Money."

"This book is a powerful force for good."

"The future is one of sustainable business."

"Finally, actions I can take to impact climate change."

"Sustainable living can be profitable."

"Bill McKibben, David Wallace Wells, and Joel Soloman all rolled into one."

"The Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You to be Rich author) for conscious investors."

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ISBN: 9781734171709
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Publisher: Cedar & Sage Press
Publication Date: October 21st, 2019
Pages: 302
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