Daily Survival Guide for Divorced Men: Surviving & Thriving Beyond Your Divorce: Days 1-91 Cover Image
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If you are a man who is divorced or separated, you know the heartache, loneliness, and sense of loss the end of a marriage can bring. Since 80% of divorces are filed by wives, chances are you know the shock of hearing that the woman you married wants to leave. Such a revelation can cause a downward spiral that few people are equipped to handle.

If this sounds like you, Daily Survival Guide for Divorced Men has both spiritual wisdom and practical, down-to-earth advice to help you through this intensely difficult time. Dale J. Brown, PhD, a husband and minister, found himself suddenly thrust into the pain of divorce. He knows the agony of not knowing how you'll pull through. His hard-earned knowledge is full of encouragement, reminders that your life is still brimming with possibility, and the hope that you can begin to thrive again.

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ISBN: 9781732319400
ISBN-10: 1732319405
Publisher: Beat Dog Press
Publication Date: October 30th, 2018
Pages: 404
Language: English