Intimacy Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Lovemaking & Satisfying Women (Relationship #1) By Asif Iqbal Cover Image
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Intimacy Intelligence is a Lovemaking Guide that dives directly into how to make the magic happen, step by step. I start by helping you get inside her head and heart. Then, you'll learn about how to heat things up using lots of foreplay (the most important part). Finally, I share what to do and watch for during actual play and how to tend to her after you've taken her over the edge. .A SEX GUIDE? UGH. WHY SHOULD I READ THIS? .I am writing this book as a way to side-step taboos around intimacy and female satisfaction. Growing up in a mostly Muslim country in the Indian subcontinent, the ideas that suppressed women's needs and desires were normal. There are a lot of hang-ups around pleasuring women, and most of the time, it's not even a factor in people's sexual relationships. Sex has become a mostly one-sided venture that ignores women's basic needs, at best. At worst, many women feel forced, coerced, and even raped during sexual encounters with their male partners because society hasn't taught anyone to value open communication about sex. No one talks about intimacy publicly and the dismissal of female desire is so ingrained in society that even the most religious people are not immune..However, as I got older and learned more about my faith from reliable sources, I realized it was Indian culture (influenced by colonial British attitudes), not Islam, that discouraged and disempowered women. Prophet Muhammad (s) very clearly emphasized that women have the exact same right to sexual satisfaction as men and that any man who approaches his wife like a beast, only focusing on his own orgasm, is lacking masculinity. Muslim women are even justified in requesting a divorce from men who can't sexually satisfy them..Having said that, this book is for people of all faiths, cultures, and traditions. It is also for both men AND women. We have to talk about sex and pleasure if we are ever going to have healthy relationships. Why can't we have a straightforward, no-nonsense guide that helps us understand how to sexually approach our significant other?.I decided that instead of complaining, I would do something about this problem. The result? .An easy-to-follow, four-part framework with tantalizing and time-tested ways to make love. Based on both Eastern and Western erotology and psychology, this guide is both useful and universal. For men, this book focuses on providing practical guidance on how to please women. I want to help you master the art of female satisfaction. For women, this book is a quality checklist and an instruction to the type of intimacy you deserve. I want you to learn to expect better and learn to ask for what you want..I believe we shouldn't have to settle for anything less than stellar sex in our relationships and I've written this guide to prove that it is possible. .All you need is some intimacy intelligence..INTIMACY INTELLIGENCEA PRACTICAL GUIDE TO LOVEMAKING & SATISFYING WOMENBy Asif Iqbal (https: //

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ISBN: 9781697301656
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Publication Date: October 3rd, 2019
Pages: 26
Language: English
Series: Relationship