Cyber Security Meets National Security: International Perspectives on Digital Era Threats By Neil Kent, Irina Du Quenoy Cover Image
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Today more than ever, the line between national security and cyber security is becoming increasingly erased. As recent attacks on US infrastructure show (for example, the oil pipeline hack of 2021), nontraditional threats ranging from hacking for the purposes of extracting ransom to terrorist communications online are emerging as central to national threat assessment. In an innovative fashion that allows for the comparison of approaches to this nexus in the developed and developing countries his volume brings together European and African experts offering an in-depth analysis of the relationship between national and cyber security. The individual chapters theorize the current and future implications of global digitalization; a cogent discussion of the threats French military and security forces face in terms of cyber security failures from within; and an exploration of the relationship between cyber security and national security in the volatile Nigerian context.

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Irina du Quenoy, Georgetown University

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ISBN: 9781680537789
ISBN-10: 1680537784
Publisher: Academica Press
Publication Date: February 1st, 2022
Language: English