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This ONE skill is the basis of your ability to think critically. Do you know what it is? It's the ability to ask the RIGHT questions.

What is life if not filled with questions?

There was a time you took for granted the trustworthiness of the answers you got from the government, the media, religion, subject experts, and friends and family.

But, with the massive erosion of public trust in every major institution, like most people, you've been forced to rely on your own problem-solving and critical thinking faculties.

What if you were never taught to do this?

It's likely that you're overwhelmed by the information you are bombarded with on a daily basis. It doesn't help that much of this information is suspect.

Fake news has reached such epidemic proportions that, according to Statistica, only 26 percent of Americans think they could recognize a fake news story. Worse, as much as 90 percent of Americans pass on fake news unintentionally.

That means people aren't even examining or questioning the "facts" of the information they pass on.

This doesn't have to be you. The Socratic questioning method will help you develop the critical thinking skills to resolve the tough life questions you may have.

Socrates was considered to be one of the wisest men of his time, and he's reputed to have said the unexamined life isn't a life worth living.

What he meant is if you never looked at the assumptions underlying the information or rules that governed your life, what was the point of living?

Socrates himself once questioned whether he was the wisest man in all Greece, even though it was a commonly held opinion. He didn't just accept it.

We understand and agree with Socrates' perspective. We all want to get to the truth of all matters, be better at examining and assessing facts, and build stronger arguments.

This is exactly what Socrates was teaching through his method, at the heart of which lies the art and science of coming up with the right questions. And this is what the book is all about.

The Socratic Way Of Questioning: How To Use Socrates' Method To Discover The Truth And Argue Wisely book will teach you:

  • The 10 deadly sins of logic - how many are you guilty of? - Pg. 137
  • The 9 skills you need to be a critical thinker and the tools to develop them - Pg. 18
  • What the Socratic Method is and how to use it - even if you're not a lawyer or a scientist - Pg. 51
  • These 8 traits that make your mind more like Socrates' - Pg. 64
  • Why people fail to ask questions they should and how you can avoid falling into this trap - Pg. 106
  • How to get people to answer your questions, even if they're resistant - Pg. 113
  • The 7 techniques for creating questions that get you to the truth - Pg. 114
  • Why you don't really "know" anything until you put it through these tests - Pg. 91

....and much, much more

The 21st century will see information become more valuable than even oil or gold. Don't you want to be able to accurately assess the information you encounter in your daily life?

It's easy to go with the flow and get pulled in every direction by current trends and thinking.

What has set innovators and the successful apart has been their ability to see beyond what everyone else does. Like Socrates, they always begin with this most important weapon in their arsenal: the right question.

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