Bēl Lišāni: Current Research in Akkadian Linguistics (Explorations in Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations #8) By Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee (Editor), Pat-El (Editor) Cover Image
By Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee (Editor), Pat-El (Editor)
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Akkadian, a Semitic language attested in writing from 2600 BCE until the first century CE, was the language of Mesopotamia for nearly three millennia. This volume examines the language from a comparative and historical linguistic perspective.

Inspired by the work of renowned linguist John Huehnergard and featuring contributions from top scholars in the field, Bēl Lisāni showcases the latest research on Akkadian linguistics. Chapters focus on a wide range of topics, including lexicon, morphology, word order, syntax, verbal semantics, and subgrouping. Building upon Huehnergard's pioneering studies focused on the identification of Proto-Akkadian features, the contributors explore linguistic innovations in the language from historical and comparative perspectives. In doing so, they open the way for further etymological, dialectical, and lexical research into Akkadian.

An important update on and synthesis of the research in Akkadian linguistics, this volume will be welcomed by Semitists, Akkadian language specialists, and scholars and students interested in historical linguistics.

In addition to the editors, the contributors to this volume include Paul-Alain Beaulieu, yvind Bj ru, Maksim Kalinin, N. J. C. Kouwenberg, Sergey Loesov, Jacob J. de Ridder, Ambj rn Sj rs, Michael P. Streck, and Juan-Pablo Vita.

About the Author

Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee is Associate Professor of Comparative Semitics at the University of Chicago and coauthor of Classical Ethiopic: A Grammar of Gəˁəz, also published by Eisenbrauns. Na'ama Pat-El is Associate Professor of Semitic Languages at the University of Texas at Austin and coeditor of The Semitic Languages (2nd edition).

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ISBN: 9781646021352
ISBN-10: 1646021355
Publisher: Eisenbrauns
Publication Date: October 25th, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: Explorations in Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations