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Dillon Kraston just became a graduate of Florida High School. He doesn't know it yet, but Satan has chosen his best friend, as his target to possess. He wants to possess this individual, so that Satan can enter heaven without God having a clue who he really is and he can take this special kind of gem that our Lord and Savior is the owner of, so if he ever needs to go back in time, he will be able to do that. For that reason, Satan sends three of his most loyal worshippers to capture and contain Dillon long enough so that Satan is able to possess him, so when God comes down to earth to collect Dillon, it will actually be Satan. Since, the Devil is sending to earth three of his most trustworthy demons, Dillon and the one that our Savior chooses for him to be a guardian angel for will go on many courageous and exciting adventures. God is going to send Dillon down to earth to be a guardian angel for the chosen one, Craig Alskir.

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ISBN: 9781640794665
ISBN-10: 1640794662
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: January 31st, 2018
Pages: 90
Language: English