Logic for Christians: Critical Thinking for the People of God Cover Image
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How do you know that what you believe is true?

Is there absolute truth, and can you know it? Why do so many people disagree on so many important topics? How do you know when one argument is better than another? Why do so many people disagree about what the Bible says?

All these questions can be answered with one word: Logic.

This book will teach you how to think with a coherent and biblical worldview. It will show the importance of absolute truth and critical thinking for understanding the Bible and the culture around us. After reading it you will be able to make clear, sound arguments for why you believe what you believe, and you will also be able to critique the arguments of others.

Perhaps no skill is more needed in our current culture than the ability to think well and know truth. This book will give you the tools you need to better assess your own beliefs and the world around you. 

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ISBN: 9781632964380
ISBN-10: 1632964384
Publisher: Lucid Books
Publication Date: April 20th, 2021
Pages: 190
Language: English