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Jake Stark. Hit songwriter for Nashville music publisher, MegaMusic.

Until he's not.

​​​​​​​When MegaMusic decides to not renew his contract over a lack of hit songs, Jake is at a loss. His creative energy is down, and the bills are piling up.

Enter Sir Daniel Smith-Daniels, the young, enigmatic owner of the hottest music publisher in Nashville, The Row. During a compelling initial meeting, Sir Daniel introduces Jake to his unique approach to work and life, The Method. Soon, with the help of The Row's talented roster of collaborators, Jake is creating some of the best music he's written in years. And what's more, by following The Method's five distinctive practices, Jake may finally be able to write the song he's always known has been within him, but just out of reach, The Greatest Song.

From acclaimed songwriter, Kevin Griffin, The Greatest Song is a creative-nonfiction book for every profession. Through the inspiring fictional narrative of Jake Stark, Griffin shares ideas that can be used by anyone, anywhere, to transform their career and their life.

About the Author

Kevin Griffin is an award-winning songwriter, producer, and performer whose songs have sold more than 30 million copies and streamed over a billion times. He is best known as the singer and founding member of the rock band Better Than Ezra and has written songs performed by artists such as Taylor Swift, Train, Sugarland, and more. He is a co-founder and partner of Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival and has served as a writer-in-residence at NYU's Clive Davis School of Music.

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ISBN: 9781612546032
ISBN-10: 161254603X
Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group
Publication Date: April 25th, 2023
Pages: 184
Language: English